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MSDS Chemical Management System


School-Home Connnection

Parent Portal – 24/7 portal which allows parents/guardians to keep track of their child’s academic progress.

MySchoolBucks.com – allows parents/guardians to prepay their child’s school meal accounts online with credit cards and to see their child(ren)’s account balances and what they are buying. When making payments online you will be charged $1.95 for each transaction. You can avoid this fee by making payments directly to your child’s school.

Educational Trip Form

Links to Programs Used in UDA’s Schools

Study Island

Full Option Science System (FOSS)


Guidance News and Student Support Initiatives

College Board


TAP 529

Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

PDE’s Career Resources– resources to help you learn what your child’s dreams are and how to support your child in finding their path on their career journey.


2016-2017 Student Handbooks

Student agenda 16-17

UDAMS Handbook (2016-2017)

UDAHS Student Handbook 2016-2017



Web Resources for Parents

Family Education.com

United States Department of ED Publications for Parents

National Parents Information Network

KidsSource Online

Discipline Help for School Children

PaTTAN’S Parent Resource Page

Pennsylvania Department of Education

Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Tools for Kids, Parents & Schools

Parents: In the Know Zone

Parents: The Anti-Drug

Helping Youth and Children Recover From Traumatic Events

Helping Children and Adolescents Cope with Violence and Disasters: What Parents Can Do

Fire Safety Guide for Kids


Keeping Your Child Safe on the Net

Internet Laws – A listing and explanation of laws that congress has created to protect children in regards to the Internet.

The CyberTipLine – This site handles leads for people reporting the sexual exploitation of children online.

Internet Safety Task Force– The ISTTF is a group of internet businesses, non-profit organizations, academics, and technology companies that have joined together to identify effective tools and technologies to create a safer environment on the Internet for youth.

What You Say Online Could Haunt You – A USA Today report on what students are posting on social networking Internet sites.

CyberAngels – The World’s Oldest and Largest Internet Safety Organization. Several links are provided on reporting Child Pornography and protecting your family online.

Safekids.com – The Safekids site provides parents with current articles on current Internet safety topics along with several tips for online safety and and kid rules.

Cyberbully.org – This site is dedicated to combating online social cruelty.

A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety published by the FBI – This site explains to parents the complexities of on-line child exploitation.

A Parent’s Guide to Online Kids – This link provides parent’s with a downloadable Power Point presentation on what kids are doing online.

Be Web Aware – The following link provides age specific tips on Internet safety along with providing kid-friendly web sites.

How-To Understand Internet Slang – The how to site defines Emoticons and Chat Acronyms.

Wikipedia and explaining Internet Slang – This Wikipedia site illustrates several examples of Internet slang for parents to understand.

PC Tattletale – Parental Control and Monitoring Software for the Internet.


Bullying Prevention



Bullying Links