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Web Resources for Middle School Students

Fact Monster’s Homework Center is a great reference for all your subjects. Look for maps, important documents, timelines and information about cities, population, government structure and funny laws.

KidsClick! has an extensive list of online history and geography resources, including links to biographies of famous people. Browse the online index by topic. Under each link, KidsClick! helps you decide if the link is right for you by telling you the reading level of the material and whether there are pictures.

TravelPod has a fun, fast-paced geography game that quizzes students on world capitals. Browse the list of other challenges for quizzes on U.S. capitals and popular cities, “Flags of the World” and more.

Kaboose Funschool offers several challenging games that test your understanding of social studies topics. Most of the games focus on geography, so hopefully you’ve been keeping up in school.

Quizlet is an online flashcard site. Become a member for free and then enter vocabulary words or other flashcard material into the site; Quizlet then makes flashcards and generates tests to help you learn new material. is the place to go for fast answers. More than 200 experts volunteer to assist students with their homework every day. Simply post your question and one or more certified teachers will respond, sometimes as soon as within an hour. There’s also a Search feature for finding a specific topic and an extensive reference section with helpful links.

Direct Links to Useful Sites
Study Island
Pearson SuccessNet
Time for Kids
Discovery Education Free Student Resources
Math Playground

Copyright Friendly Image and Music Sites for Students
Library of Congress
National Geographic
Pics4 Learning
Web Gallery of Art
Royalty Free Music for Schools

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