Making the decision to volunteer your time and talents can enhance the educational experience of the students of the Upper Dauphin Area School District. If you have an interest in the District’s educational programs, an enjoyment in helping students, and a sincere belief that by volunteering, a contribution will be made to the learning process, you have what is takes to be a volunteer! If you are interested in volunteering in the Upper Dauphin Area Schools, please contact the building Principal of the school you wish to serve to begin the application process.


Volunteer- One who voluntarily offers a service to the district on site or on a limited basis without compensation. A volunteer must be at least 18 years of age. A volunteer need not be a parent of a student enrolled in the School District.

Volunteers fall into one of two categories defined as follows:

Casual Volunteer: An individual who voluntarily performs a service for the School District, infrequently, and works in the presence of a District teacher/administrator/coach/advisor when with students. A casual volunteer shall not have unsupervised contact with students, and is not required to obtain Act 34 and Act 151 clearances. Examples include: individuals who volunteer to assist in the planning or conducting of classroom celebrations; concert/performance ushers; alumni who visit a practice session and demonstrate/assist with the teaching of a skill; and chaperones for post-prom activities.

Program Volunteer: An individual who voluntarily performs a service for the School District and who works under the general direction of a District teacher/administrator/coach/advisor and may, from time to time, have or may be reasonably expected to have unsupervised contact with students. Examples include: volunteer tutors; chaperones for field trips and school dances; school store and book fair volunteers; volunteers who assist on the coaching staff of an athletic team; volunteer equipment managers; and choreographers, musicians and other individuals who provide instruction to students in the marching band or school musical.

Final determination of a volunteer’s status is the responsibility of the principal or principal’s designee. All volunteers must be approved by the appropriate building Principal and volunteers must be approved annually. The Board must approve the names of all Program Volunteers. Board approval must be granted prior to the start date of the activity. If time does not allow for Board approval, the Superintendent may give temporary approval until the next Board meeting.

Needed Steps

Casual Volunteers, will be required on an annual basis, to sign a disclosure statement that they have not perpetrated or been convicted of any offense that would preclude their volunteer status by the School District under Act 34, Act 114 and/or Act 151.

Prior to providing volunteer services, a Program Volunteer shall be required to complete an Act 34 Criminal History Report and an Act 151 Child Abuse Clearance Statement. In addition to the Act 34 Criminal History Report and the Act 151 Child Abuse Clearance Statement, an individual wishing to serve as a Program Volunteer who has not resided in the State of Pennsylvania during the two (2) years previous to the start of volunteer work shall be required to apply for and supply a copy of the  Act 114 Federal Criminal History Record.

The District will reimburse the volunteer up to a maximum of $40.00 for the costs associated with the PA Criminal History Record, Child Abuse Clearance Statement, and/or Federal Criminal History Record upon verification of active volunteering in the District for a minimum of 20 hours. Reimbursement for such background reports will be made only for new clearances obtained solely for the purpose of serving as a volunteer in the district. All required documentation must be submitted no later than June 10th of the school year in which they first volunteered in order to receive reimbursement.

All paperwork (disclosure statement and/or clearances) must be be submitted to the approprate building Principal prior to service.