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David Barder, President
Upper Dauphin Area Board of Education

Members of the Upper Dauphin Area Board of Education
Front Row: Kathryn Talhelm, Roni Mace, Angela Mattern, Steven Welker.
Back Row: Gerald Wiest, Mills Eure, Rev. Nathan Minnich, Jack Laudenslager, David Barder. (Photo courtesy of the Citizen-Standard)


2015-2016 Meeting Schedule
Pursuant of Act 84 and Act 175, notice is hereby given that the meetings of the Upper Dauphin Area School District Board of Directors will be held on the following dates at 7:00 P.M. in the District Administration Office, 5668 State Route 209, Lykens, PA:


Committee Meetings
Regular Meetings
Act 84
Act 175
December 12, 2016
January 10, 2017
January 26, 2017
February 14, 2017
February 23, 2017
March 14, 2017
March 23, 2017
April 11, 2017
April 27, 2017
May 9, 2017
May 25, 2017
June 13, 2017
June 22, 2017
July 11, 2017
August 8, 2017
August 24, 2017
September 12, 2017
September 28, 2017
October 10, 2017
October 26, 2017
November 7, 2017
November 21, 2017
December 5, 2017


Meeting Agenda
The Upper Dauphin Area School District has adopted a paperless meeting solution, called BoardDocs LT. Interested parties can view agenda items and other board-related information prior to board meetings by clicking on the icon below:


Board of Education Membership
David Barder, President
Region 1
Term Expires 2019
Kirk Wenrich
Region 2
Term Expires 2017
Rev. Nathan Minnich
Region 2
Term Expires 2017
Mills Eure, Vice-President
Region 3
Term Expires 2017
Jack Laudenslager
Region 1
Term Expires 2019
Roni Mace
Region 3
Term Expires 2017
Steve Welker

Region 2
Term Expires 2019
Angela Mattern
Region 1
Term Expires 2017
Kathryn Talhelm
Region 3
Term Expires 2019


Non-Voting Members

Mary Bateman, Board Secretary
Brenda Bingaman, Board Treasurer


Kegel, Kelin, Almy & Lord LLP

Voting Regions of the Upper Dauphin Area School District

Region 1 is composed of Mifflin Township and Washington Township.
Region 2 is composed of Lykens Township, Jefferson Township and Elizabethville Borough.
Region 3 is composed of Gratz Borough, Lykens Borough, Berrysburg Borough and Pillow Borough.

Useful Links

Dauphin County Parcel Viewer– this will identify the boundaries of the District’s voting regions